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Message of Nawab Akber Khan Bugti

Bildresultat för photo of Nawab Akber khan Bugti
Message of Nawab Akber Khan Bugti.
       There comes a cry, like a  thunders sound
        Like thousand swords.... striking around.
        The sound echoed ,  in the  towns  around
         In Valleys, Villages & Mountains  around.

         Lo! rainy clouds lowering  down
         On Sindh - Baluchistan`s plains & Towns,
          Listen, Bugti`s voice among thunder`s sound
         And his bold  message, spreading around. 

         " Oh Sindh & Balochistan, Sistan Khorasan,
           The land, rivers and the Coast of Makuran
           The men, women & lovely children of my land
           Who will be the Protector of Sindh - Balochistan?"
           Over  7 Sea`s  Waters and Waves
          Through the warm and Cold Days of the year.
           In the Air of the whole Earth, the nice
           Whispers Akber Jan`s kind voice. 
            "Be firm, conscious and struggle collectively
             UNITED & faithfully, protect your land bravely,
             Forget  it not ...for a while
             Keep it in your conscious minds
             That for thousand years our forefather`s  land
              Is threatened by the Robber`s  Gang.

              As long as blood on Mother Earth  runs
              And the Sindhian`s arm takes the  Gun,
               Balochs, Sindhis, Pashtuns and their friends
               To their duty go,
               Sind-balochistan and Gilgit-baltistan
               Are kept free from the foe.

                Boldly striking, defeating & expelling the Paki Fascism
                Rises the sun of Holy Freedom
                The long duel from Gilgit to Gwader
                Happily ends to free Sindh-balochistan
                 Free Gilgit and Baltistan
                 Free Pakhtun-khawa & Saraekistan
                 And....and a Lovely - kind Punjabistan !!!

     Presented by:  Khan Jan Baloch.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Free Baluchistan - striking the last nail in the coffin of Islamofascism.

Pro Baloch demonstrators

'The Taliban are Pakistani military without uniforms'

In the wake of the first anniversary of Osama Bin Laden's killing by American elite troops, DW takes a closer look at Pakistan's "other" war in a rare interview with a prominent Baloch leader.
Baloch leader Hyrbyar Marri Hyrbyar Marri is demanding independence for Balochistan
Balochs,all over the world, have  
determined to acheive their freedom by peaceful means and are compelled to  use the tactics of self-defence to defeat the conservative ideologies of "Islamofascists" which is nothing but to promote the business of Dictators to  impose strict religious laws of 5th century to supress their own citizens, plunder their wealth, deny their civil rights and threatening  their neighbouring nations by killing or forcing them to pay Jazia, a tax on non-muslims in return for  their security. Baluchs are "the Prisoners of their conscience"  to follow the right path  to ally with the forces who challange evil forces and support  the Universal Human Rights,Democracy &  freedom. Balochs vow to establish a Secular free State - Balochistan  and  reject the discrimination of human beings on the basis of colour, language,sex, religion or  sects of any kind.The Secular Baluchs have reached to the point of no-return to get their freedom. -While Pakistan  has reached to the point of no-return to defeat the Democratic States, all over the world, by following the path of the nasty politics of turning Pakistan, Afghanistan and may be the whole world, into  the  Emirites of Sharia-law governed by  the ideology of Talibanisation &, Al-qaeda".

" The Talibans are Pakistani Military without uniforms."
   says, Mir Hyrbyar Marri, the Baluch freedom aspirant.

Friday, May 4, 2012

SOS.. Balochs are eligible to their own home-land "free Balochistan."

Now Lyari Baluch`s turn: The unending war on Baloch – by Diagoh Murad

 ( The indiscriminate massacre of Balochs in Karachi. One of the  injured Baluch in Karachi is being transported to hospital while  the whole Baloch area, Lyari, is cordoned-off by  Panjabi Qadianis & their allied brutal forces have blocked Ambulances, Doctors, water & food. Balochs are being killed & injured in the pretex of being black, terrorists and untamed, as Rascist Iranian Mullahs use to blame the  Balochs. )

 Honestly speaking, Balochs are eligible to build their own home-land, free Balochistan. It`s clear that Qadiani Panjabis do not tolerate Balochs who were kept under their Military shoes in Panjab, Sindh and Balochistan since 1947. Within the borders of their Balochistan, Balochs can save their lives & honour. If  the nations can`t live to-gether, separation is the best solution...... The citizens of the Globe are requested to help and support the Baloch struggle for Balochistan
The intense operation in Lyari has entered its 6th day with death toll rising to 70 and injuries are beyond 100 & the displacement of Baloch locals is gone to swooping 200 its like the operation was initiated to force the Baloch population to leave their shelters and homes & lately they have given ultimatum to Baloch locals of Lyari to leave their homes or else face the consequences (We know what those consequences are).
The latest human rights crisis where Lyari Baloch are ignored in this gruesome operation is beyond shocking, not just to Lyari Baloch but to the people of Balochistan, who are seeing all this in disbelieve. The Human rights organizations ‘Amnesty International, HRW, AHRC, HRCP (Human Rights Commission of Pakistan), OHCHR (Office of the human commissioner for human rights) & Red Cross’ has just remained silent to this criminal operation over indigenous Baloch population, why? Perhaps they don’t care, they don’t have any interest in Lyari, they don’t see Lyari people’s as humans or they are deaf and voiceless when something of a Baloch human crisis comes up to them.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

ISI strategy to hand over Balochistan to Quetta Shura...!!!!

Pakistan’s military operation in Turbat, 4 Baloch youths killed and 7 abducted

More than a 1000 Frontier Corps personnel in addition with ATF deployed in Gebon area of Turbat district. Heavy artillery used in operation against Baloch civilians including rocket launchers and mortar shells.
Occupied Balochistan: Pakistani forces carried out an illegal raid on a house in Gebon, a rural area some 45 kilometers far away from Turbat city. According to reliable sources more than 8 vehicles of Frontier corps (FC) and military intelligence agency (MI) assaulted a house in Gebon region of Turbat today (Friday 26 April 2012) at 4:00 am . A police official while talking to local journalists in Turbat confirmed the military operation and said FC hadn’t taken police in confidence while conducting the raid.

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Baluch villages are being ablazed by Savage Pakistani Army.

Baloch Rind och Baloch Shaib har delat med sig av en länk.
This is a video proof of Pakistani occupying forces offensives in RD 238 area of Sui, Dera Bugti, Balochistan on March 30, 2012,where Pakistani forces set ab...

The most dreadful Sign of danger - Bloody Pakistani Flag

The Sign of  danger  - Bloody  Pakistani Flag.

Pakistani Flag.jpg

A Baloch Student Leader and a Baloch Political activists, arrested by Pakistani Military, after extra judicial killing,  their dead bodies were thrown out-side. Every day 8-10 cases are reported from Pakistani ocupied Balochistan.

Pakistani Flag.... a symbol of teranny & sign of death and destruction.

                                  ( Pakistani Military is killing Baluchs in the same manner as they killed Bengalis in 1971, photo above )

Pakistan was created with terror by fueling Hindu - Muslim riots in which millions of innocent civilians were massacred in 1947 under the dangerous flag of Pakistan . Pakistani flag  was copied from the Turkish Imperialist Empire who massacred millions of people in Armenien, Arabian countries and in Eastern Europe.